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Leadership Training for Churches of Christ


Dynamic Deacons


Great Deacons Make Great Churches

Aubrey helps deacons understand their role, execute their responsibilities, and improve their ministry by improving their marriage. 

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The Best Marriage Ever


Be Your Best to Enjoy God's Best

Are you tired of settling for scraps of happiness? Then stop complaining and start changing. A Golden Rule mindset is the key.

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Get Fit!


Church Growth through Church Health

Imagine the good things that will happen when your leadership team gets close, clear, committed, and consistent. 

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Successful Shepherds


Lead People in Paths of Righteousness. 

Successful shepherds guide and grow God's people. How? Through a loving spirit, caring connection, thoughtful question,  inspiring vision, and  calming presence.

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Effective Elders


Build Trust and Work as a Team 

Effective elders are temperate men. They are team players with tender hearts. By acting transparently and trusting God, they successfully transform lives. 

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Organized Overseers


Structure,  Stability, and Church Success

Organized overseers create a  culture that allows the congregation to flourish. With a success roadmap, dashboard, glovebox, and GPS, you will be going places.

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