Dynamic Deacons
Next available bookings - January 2017

Dynamic Deacons is a weekend seminar that provides an in-depth motivational look at the work of a deacon. The goal is to help men become more confident and effective as leaders. As a result, they will enjoy their jobs more, become better at them, and be less susceptible to burnout. 

Whether veterans, rookies, or hopeful candidates, Dynamic Deacons will give your men the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. If they aspire to become deacons, this seminar will provide them with a clear path for preparation. If they are newly appointed deacons, it will help them sprint out of the starting gate and make the most of their early days. If they are experienced deacons, they will find it useful for reflecting on their calling and renewing their ministry.

Aubrey Johnson, the facilitator of these seminars, has preached for the growing Peachtree City Church of Christ near Atlanta for the past 15 years. Aubrey is a frequent lectureship-speaker and a regular contributor to the Gospel Advocate Magazine. His background in communication, biblical studies, local ministry, and leadership make him a unique and credible voice on the subject of church leadership. 

A special option is also available for wives of deacons and other church leaders. We call it, "Leading from Beside: The Softer Side of Leadership." These sessions offer encouragement to ladies who work behind the scenes to support their husbands and their ministries. Lisa Johnson, a minister's wife for over thirty-five years, delights participants with her personal experiences, joyful spirit, and down-to-earth teaching style.

Aubrey Johnson, Minister Peachtree City Church of Christ

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